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Freedom Cutter® Plus+45

The Freedom Cutter Plus+45 Milling System is a 45° lead angle shell mill that utilizes square shaped Freedom Cutter Inserts. Because our inserts have precision ground geometries ranging from the SA (Super Aluminum) to our workhorse NP grind, the new Plus+45 is the most versatile 45° lead face mill in the industry. The Plus+45 powerful combination of attributes generates maximum metal removal rates in the toughest alloys!  

The Plus+45 uses standard Square Freedom Cutter Inserts up to .125 maximum radius.
  • 45° lead angle for smooth cut
  • Perfect for all material groupsincluding toughest alloys
  • Precise tolerances
  • Hardened steel
  • Accepts standard squareFreedom Cutter inserts
  • Utilizes FC insert geometry
  • Torx screw system
  • Depths of cut up to .400
  • Unbeatable productivity
  • From 2” to 6” diameter
Select a Freedom Cutter Plus+45 Shell Mill Style Body:
All Freedom Cutter Plus+45 Bodies are machined in our own modern CNC factory in Fort Myers, FL from special pre-hardened steel to exacting tolerances. We manufacture standards & specials such as metric, coolant-thru, cartridge style, aluminum, or other cutter bodies with lead times as quick as one week. *Cutter diameter is measured to centerline of insert.
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