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HV10 High-Velocity End Mill Series

  • Perfect for Aluminum, Non-Ferrous Alloys & more
  • Positive Geometry / Free Cutting
  • Up to .950 cutting length
  • Super Shear & Power Shear Geometry
  • SmoothGrind® surface polish
  • SmoothCoat® A1 TiB2 hard coating for dry machining
  • From 1” to 6” diameter range
  • Available in both Shank and Shell Mill style bodies
  • New Extended Reach Styles!
The new HV10 is the perfect choice for High Velocity, high performance milling in aluminum, non-ferrous alloys, and more. The 100% ground and polished insert features both positive axial and radial rake, allowing the HV10 to literally shear through the work piece material. The long insert length is ideal for deep axial cuts, and also generates a 90° shoulder. A two screw design lends superior holding strength between insert and body. The razor sharp cutting edge generates smooth, clean cuts resulting in excellent part finishes.
Select an HV10 Cutter Body (Shank & Shell Mill Styles):
All HV10 Cutter Bodies are machined in our own modern CNC factory in Fort Myers, FL from special pre-hardened steel to exacting tolerances. We can manufacture specials such as Metric, Left-Hand, Extended Length, Coolant-Thru, Integral Shank, or other cutter bodies with lead times as quick as one week. Shank diameter is -.0002 / -.0005
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